Youth Matters: Yahoo Scams-Brain Work or Covetousness?
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Youth Matters: Yahoo Scams-Brain Work or Covetousness?

Years ago, scamming in Nigeria was commonly known as "419," referring to the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud. Over time, these scams moved online and became known as "Yahoo" scams. These scams involve using the internet to deceive people and steal their hard-earned money and valuables.

I once met a young man who argued that Yahoo scams weren't inherently bad but rather a form of "brain work." He claimed that scammers put a lot of effort and thought into their plans, viewing it as a skill rather than a crime.

I also recall being at a salon where the hairstylist mentioned someone who had engaged in Yahoo scams but failed to invest the money wisely. I quickly pointed out that ill-gotten wealth cannot be invested wisely. From a biblical perspective, such wealth will eventually diminish.

When we thought Yahoo scams were bad enough, a more sinister version emerged: Yahoo+. This involves rituals, sometimes requiring the shedding of innocent blood, to ensure the success of their scams. The practice spread rapidly, fueled by economic hardship and a lack of morals among some youths.

Tragically, those who practice Yahoo+ often target greedy, naive young girls, leading to numerous reports of mutilated bodies of these victims. Pursuing wealth at all costs is dangerous and has severe consequences. There is a way that seems right to men, but its end is destruction. How can someone make others lose their years of labor and expect good outcomes? God is not mocked; whatever a man sows, he will reap.

So, is Yahoo or Yahoo+ brain work or covetousness?

The life of a person does not consist solely of material possessions. We brought nothing into this world and will leave with nothing. With this knowledge, let our youths stay away from greed, for Yahoo or Yahoo+ is covetousness with unpleasant consequences.

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