Inspirational Sunday: The Safe Place
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Inspirational Sunday: The Safe Place

God as a place of refuge offers a profound sense of peace and safety amidst life's storms. Embracing the divine as a sanctuary provides comfort, strength, and hope. This spiritual refuge fosters resilience, enabling individuals to face challenges with faith and trust in a higher power's unwavering support.

Psalm 119:114 describes God as a hiding place and a shield. God is a safe place, and such a refuge is necessary because of life's storms. When it rains heavily, and we are caught in it, we quickly seek shelter to hide and take refuge.

One of Jesus' parting words to his disciples was that we would encounter tribulations in life. As Christians, we are not promised a world devoid of troubles, but what we do and where we go when we encounter troubles matters to God.

There are different responses to trouble. Some run helter-skelter, seeking solutions from false gods. Others turn to men and put their trust in them, despite Psalm 118:8, which tells us that it is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Isaiah 25:4 says God is a refuge from the storm and a shade from the heat. Whatever life throws at us, we can run to God for comfort, healing, strength, deliverance, help, and restoration.

Lastly, the psalmist in chapter 46 describes various scary scenarios of trouble. Despite these frightening situations, the psalmist asserts that those who have God as their source will enjoy supplies of the Spirit, like joy, faith, and strength, that no force of hell can overthrow. This should make us resolve to seek the Lord and His strength always.

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