Youth Matters: Decadence among the youths of today
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Youth Matters: Decadence among the youths of today

The moral and cultural decay in our world today is alarmingly evident, with present-day youths seemingly having lost their moral compasses, unable to distinguish right from wrong. From a Christian perspective, the Bible warns of a time when people will be lovers of themselves, a trend prevalent among today’s youth. Phrases like "just do what you like, as long as you are happy" reflect a self-centered focus rather than living to please God or serve humanity. The desires of the flesh have become idolized, eroding values and morals. In the past, the process mattered, but for some of today’s youth, any means is acceptable as long as it yields results, even through compromise.

In a youth meeting, a 10-year-old boy was asked about his future aspirations. His response, "I want to blow," reflected a desire for fame without consideration of a notable profession. Dysfunctional homes, often producing dysfunctional children who grow into problematic youths, significantly contribute to today’s moral decline. Moreover, some influencers set poor examples, such as female influencers dressing provocatively in the name of fashion, or the notable Nigerian influencer now serving a jail term abroad for his illicit activities.

My admonition to today’s youth is to seek God and live by His values. Let His word serves as a moral compass to discern right from wrong. Stay contented and trust in God’s timing at every stage of life. Avoid peer pressure and comparisons. Not every influencer deserves to be followed; if they lack morals, values, or godliness, and if their words and actions are profane, they are not worthy role models. There are many exemplary influencers to follow. Remember, "you look like what you look at."

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