Travel Update: How to apply for Germany’s Opportunity Card
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Travel Update: How to apply for Germany’s Opportunity Card

The Opportunity Card is a residence permit that allows workers from third countries to enter Germany in order to seek employment. It can also be used to search for measures to recognise foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

A points system is used to determine whether you are eligible for the Opportunity Card based on your qualifications, knowledge and circumstances. A minimum score of six points is required for this. If you have a recognised vocational qualification in Germany, you can apply for the Opportunity Card as a recognised skilled worker without having to achieve a minimum number of points. In both cases, you must also fulfil the basic requirements listed below.

You can apply for the Opportunity Card online in the Consular Services Portal or locally at your German mission. When applying online, you can use a points calculator to determine how many points you will receive for your qualifications, knowledge and living conditions, unless you already qualify directly as a recognised skilled worker. You will also be asked whether you fulfil the necessary basic requirements.

The Opportunity Card is issued for a period of up to one year. If you find qualified employment during your stay, you can obtain a subsequent residence permit for the purpose of further searching (follow-up Opportunity Card) or taking up gainful employment from the local foreigner's authority in Germany.

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