Understanding the role of discipline in personal development
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Understanding the role of discipline in personal development

The doctrine of self-discipline is key in every discussion on human behaviour. It helps to distinguish between human beings and human persons. it enables us to draw a distinction between people with rationality and those without rationality and also help people to live an ideal life which is morally acceptable by the society.

It is true that the rightness or wrongness of an action may not be easily determined because what appears good to one may not be so to the other. Therefore, self discipline is important in the life of every individual because it helps us to be moderate in our daily life living and helps us not to get into problem by enabling us to escape the pit of evil. It is not all the time that the problems we experience are caused by our enemies. 

Though, the fact cannot be denied that there are enemies and evil in the world, but most times we play into their hands as a result of our negligence and indiscipline. Then we start praying to God for a bail out. 

Areas we need Self discipline includes: 

(A) Moderation: Too much of everyting is bad. Eating too much may be seen as gluttony 

(B) Recreation: its good to exercise the body and rest well but much of it can turn to laziness. 

(C) Desires: Desires are good but it should be guided as not to turn into idols in the mind or what we must do by all means without minding the aftermath. 

(D) Liberty: Being free is desirous, but should be well guided so not to turn into disobedience. 

(E) Self preservation can lead to pride 

F) Firmness is good but when not properly guided may lead to wickedness.

It should be noted that a society cannot be in isolation without its citizens and the citizens on their part have to exercise self-discipline and moral standing of the highest level in order for the society to achieve its aim.

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