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Business Monday: Making your career professional

Some people have a myopic belief that only occupations like a Doctor or other medical professions, lawyers, accountants, Bankers, Engineers, Architect, Surveyors are the true professionals or any other profession with recognized professional bodies by the government.

Other professions that fall short of these are not seen as professional careers. My points are these, it is not only because you are making a living from a job that makes it professional or good, rather it’s because you are doing it well in line with the laid down conducts governing the profession.

Professionals are thorough-minded and detailed people who know how to do their job well. They are ready to learn new things and the right way of their career. They always try to jump all hurdles and go past all difficulties in their line of duty.

There are times when your line manager proves difficult and seems not to understand or appreciate what you do, and then you appear sick and tired of your job and feel like quitting. That’s just part of what it takes to grow, you need to be well-drilled to get the best out of yourself. Just like gold, you need to be placed in fire to shine and be radiant.

People who fear hard times don’t grow in their career, they chicken out of it before they get to the peak. The truth cannot be denied that people are the peak shoulder a lot of responsibilities, but there is glory, honor and fame.

Have you thought about what it looks like to be an Executive director of a multinational company? Those at this level worked their way professionally. If you lack the competence and skill and you find your way in by error, you will soon be kicked out like a sack of onions.

As an individual willing to build a career, you are to set certain things you wish to achieve in the career where you wish to be in a given period of year. Career building is concerned about the height and level obtained in the chosen part of professionalism and not how much you take home alone.

Those who do these aforementioned over time grow and find their way to the top of their career. They know the job more; get better offers when the opportunity presents itself and get the money others seek to get without learning the ropes. Take time to develop a multi-faceted career-building strategy, and work out your strategy regularly. This will simply not make you surprised when the opportunity comes.

Remember you cannot copy other people’s success, you can only design your own.

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